Don’t sacrifice style for sustainability! Hestia Scents is here to provide you with on-trend home fragrances that not only look great but do great! We strive to ensure that all products are made with the best quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. All products are cruelty-free, vegan and Handmade in Wales.


Hi, I’m Sophie, The founder of Hestia Scents! It’s great to meet you, thank you for browsing my website today. 

I set up Hestia Scents to create ON-TREND and ECO-FRIENDLY home fragrance products so that you can accessorise and scent your home without the need to compromise. 

The business is named after the Goddess Hestia who is thought to be the least well known, but first born of the Olympians. She is the goddess of the hearth. I love thinking about our ancestors gathering around an open flame and spending time together telling stories. I often think about how much we have moved away from those traditions and so I wanted to make homely, cosy scents that make people feel connected and warm.

My first 6 scents I have released are all named after inspirational women in my life who I have learnt a lot from and constantly push me to do better, they all believe in me and I, them and so those scents are my little homage to them and the stories I have from spending my life with these incredible women. 

By 2023 I am hoping for Hestia Scents to be 100% SUSTAINABLE! I am on a mission to create products that are 100% recyclable. 

All good things must come to an end but fear not, my packaging is recycled and recyclable and the candle jars are all able to be up cycled so you can continue to use them in your home once they have run out. 

Check out my Blog page to get some crafty ideas on how to up-cycle your used candle jars! 

I also wanted Hestia Scents to be AFFORDABLE. From my first day of product development I wanted to design and create beautiful products which care for the environment without breaking the bank. 

Hestia Scents INNOVATES: I am constantly researching and trialling/ testing the best fragrances, designs and home fragrance products to ensure that you are brought the latest trends in an eco- friendly way. 

NO PLASTICS: No part of my shipping packaging contains plastics and none of my products are made with plastics, therefore all packaging and products can be disposed of in a eco-friendly way, so you don’t have to worry about your impact on the environment whilst shopping and using my products.