The original scents that launched this business, all named after women we hold close to our hearts, who inspire and empower us. 

These single wicked, soy wax candles are available in an array of unique scents, from fruity and floral to fresh and earthy, there’s something for everyone.

Hand poured into a stylish glass jar and finished with a bamboo lid and rubber seal, these candles should keep for up to a year so there’s no rush to light them. They have been designed so the containers can be re-purposed/ up-cycled once the candle has finished. The rubber seal on the lid allows the container to remain air tight so becomes perfect for storing household essentials such as tea and coffee.

Moreover, you can always buy one of our candle re-fills to pop into your empty candle container. 

Tim wick to 1cm before lighting and do not relight if less than 1cm of wax remains.